The redevelopment of land helps communities like Minnetonka as well as areas located nearby, too. The next time you see an overgrown lot that needs a bit of TLC, keep in mind the following ways that land development can turn that forgotten space into something that benefits your community.

1. It adds usefulness
If you asked people if they would rather see a block of weedy grass and unkempt bushes or an artful  cluster of handsome town homes, it is pretty obvious what the answer will be. In an area of the country that continues to increase in popularity -- and thus in population – the communities around Lake Minnetonka need high quality living spaces now more than ever. 

2. The neighborhood's visual appeal is improved
No matter how fantastic the rest of the neighborhood looks, when there is an abandoned lot that is not taken care of located within its borders, the entire area suffers. While proactive neighbors might try to take care of things themselves when it comes to maintaining the area, it is far from a satisfactory  solution. A brand new home can add to the continuity and the beauty of the neighborhood. 

3. Crime is reduced 
Even if it hasn't happened at the vacant property in your neighborhood yet, it is well known that abandoned areas often attract undesirable activity. Redeveloping the land gives it a definite purpose that makes it less attractive to those who are up to no good in your community. 

4. Property values increase
Properties that are an eyesore -- such as those that are abandoned or empty lots not properly maintained -- can cause the value of the homes surrounding it to decline. In fact, depending on the neighborhood, the presence of such a run-down piece of land could decrease the value of homes within the entire neighborhood and not just those nearby. . Redevelopment increases home values and makes people more enthusiastic to move into a home in that neighborhood. 

Lake West Development is proud of its impact on the communities of Minnetonka, Plymouth and Golden Valley in Minnesota -- as well as the surrounding areas. For more than two decades, the company has been making this corner of the world a better place by developing underused properties into neighborhoods of beauty and usability. Contact them today to learn how they can help breathe new life into a vacant lot near you.