Don Condon, President

Don Condon, President


Lake West Excavation is a proud member of the Minnesota Chapter of Land Improvement Contractors of America, LICA.


LICA is an organization of earth moving contractors who care deeply about the environment.  For over 60 years, LICA has been supporting high standards of workmanship in resource management and land improvement practices across the country.  With chapters in 23 states, LICA’s mission “ promote, perpetuate, and improve the proper use of our renewable natural resources...” continues to make a positive difference in promoting our nation’s growth while preserving our precious natural resources. 


Five Reasons To Hire a LICA Contractor


  1. Your contractor is an experienced, professional dedicated to the conservation of soil and water.


  1. Your contractor has received comprehensive safety training.


  1. Your contractor has access to the newest, most efficient industry technology, equipment and resources. 


  1. Your contractor receives regular education that keeps him knowledgeable about laws, regulations and innovative techniques. 


  1. Your contractor has experience and has demonstrated the skills and capabilities to successfully tackle the most challenging projects.


For your next project, Call Don - 763-226-3107 - your LICA professional