Lake West Development brings over two decades of experience to the table to create single and multi-family residential housing and commercial developments that enhance neighborhoods and cities. We add tangible value and help enrich the quality of life for entire communities.

Our Difference

Lake West Development brings a multi-disciplinary team of experts to every project. Our staff includes development professionals with backgrounds and expertise in city planning, land excavation, and residential/commercial building. Additionally we maintain close strategic partnerships with award-winning engineering firms. This allows us to guarantee that our lots will be buildable. Our sites are warrantied to be free from any hidden conditions that may cause delays and/or unforeseen costs.

Our comprehensive expertise enables us to understand and navigate the many complex, and often competing, priorities involved in development projects – creating a project that offers aesthetic beauty, environmental sustainability, and economic benefits to every community in which we work.

Our Culture

Lake West Development has a reputation for flexibility and creativity. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with city staff, planners, regulatory agencies, citizen groups and residents, often discovering unexpected solutions to difficult challenges. We believe in the power of respectful, transparent dialogue to bring about mutually beneficial resolutions to issues - and an outcome that is satisfactory to stakeholders. We’re really not happy until everyone is happy.

The Results

Lake West’s commitment to excellence and the belief that land is best used when it serves people empowers everything we do. Our overarching goals include:

  • Develop beautiful homes that fit into existing neighborhoods. All of our projects blend harmoniously into existing, established neighborhoods.
  • Increase the tax base for cities. Redeveloping previously unused or underused land results in more economically dynamic land. Cities enjoy the benefits of increased tax revenue to invest in infrastructure, schools and other amenities.
  • Beautify unused land. Vacant lots and poorly maintained structures detract from a communities’ desirability and can attract rubbish and crime. We develop appealing homes and properties that positively contribute to the urban environment.
  • Provide environmentally sensitive designs. Our team works closely within federal, state, and local guidelines. Aware of the delicate balance between the need for services and the importance of protecting and managing our natural surroundings, our environmental engineers ensure the ecological integrity of every project we propose.
  • Boost home values in neighborhoods. When underused properties get an uplift, the entire community benefits.
  • Create diverse housing options. We bring new and varied housing options to longstanding neighborhoods.
  • Improve public infrastructure. Our land redevelopment processes often include improvements in drainage, sidewalks, landscaping and walking paths that the entire community enjoys.
  • Enhance community interconnection. Throughout the redevelopment process, we bring people together. That's because we work closely with neighborhood leaders, city officials, and builders to create fresh, innovative solutions for underused land that serves the local community.
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