Land Redevelopment


What does it take to look at scattered vacant or underutilized land in established neighborhoods and business districts and see a thriving community that people from all walks of life will someday call home?

It takes vision – and the knowledge, experience and tenacity to overcome a mountain of obstacles to make that vision a reality. Lake West Development has more than two decades of experience designing creative infill developments, both residential and commercial.

Impactful Redevelopment

Infill development responds to the nation’s changing demographics and market preferences by providing more and varied housing choices. We don’t think in terms of a single building or a dwelling. We are in the redevelopment business to make a difference in the community - both socially and environmentally. Lake West designs land redevelopment projects that improve the lifestyles of residents and the economic stability of the community.

At times, we purchase dilapidated buildings that have become eyesores and transform them into attractive, productive locations that support new households and businesses - and add tax revenue to the community. Often we install indispensible modern infrastructure - working with municipalities, regulatory authorities and residents to upgrade aging and under-maintained streets, sidewalks and water management systems.

Due Diligence

We do our homework. Our market-research team works with city officials prior to the entitlement process to discover what the community wants and needs. We meet with local government, neighborhood groups, property owners and other interested parties to gather information, share ideas and address concerns. We open the lines of communication and maintain a process that is accessible and flexible to encourage dialogue and build consensus.

Thoughtful Site Planning

Once a property is selected, Lake West conducts a thorough environmental impact study, then we thoughtfully fashion a one-of-a-kind plan for the land. We don't believe in cookie-cutter plans or formulas. Redeveloping land in the Twin Cities presents a welcome opportunity for us to apply fresh thinking and creativity to design innovative infill to land that is ideally suited for positive redevelopment.

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