Residential Redevelopment


Responding to Change

Homebuyers today are looking for new and different options in housing. Demographic shifts are influencing demand in infill locations as baby boomers seek smaller homes with less upkeep, the Millennial generation starts new households and the number of single-person households increases. Neighborhoods near major employment centers with well-planned amenities and outstanding schools are in demand. At Lake West, we see this as our mandate to create attractive, well-functioning neighborhoods to meet that need.

Respectful Redevelopment

We're respectful. We don't drop McMansions into established communities or strip malls into historic districts. Rather, we continually seek community and city engagement throughout the entitlement process, maintaining a focus on preserving and enhancing cultural, social, recreational and educational opportunities for residents. We create residential neighborhoods that are congruent with the existing environment and possess a sense of space. Inspired redevelopment repositions underutilized buildings and spaces, builds and fosters community and activates neighborhoods, making them more useful and more enjoyable for the people who live there.

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