Commercial Development

We help businesses grow by providing premium commercial sites ready for development. With our commercial land development services, builders don't have to worry about the permitting process. We take care of that. We deliver shovel-ready developed lots so that builders can get started on what they do best - build.

Respectful Development

There is a direct connection between a community’s character and its economic and social wellbeing. That’s why we approach commercial development from the perspective of character. Anyone can plop down a thoughtless box and surround it with parking lots. We are not interested in that. Our mission is to create commercial developments that add beauty, increase convenience, provide more options for residents, and help generate jobs in the community.

We mean for our commercial developments to be corporate good neighbors, sensitive to the character of the surrounding community. We work with builders that have demonstrated respect for local architectural styles, making sure our projects blend into the environment and preserve the unique sense of space wherever they are built.

Adding Value to the Community

New retail spaces can contribute to the vitality of a community. New commercial developments help generate jobs for neighborhood residents, provide important services, improve neighborhood safety and create a favorable environment for business. All of it adds to a community's overall vibrancy and economic health.

Lake West’s commercial land development group works to identify strategic properties that offer accessibility and add essential services and amenities to the nearby community. Modern, flexible spaces increase the city’s commercial square footage and attract businesses, homebuyers, and often catalyze additional neighborhood development.


We are flexible in our approach to commercial land development. When we have committed tenants, we collaborate closely with them to bring their unique visions into reality. Other times we work directly with builders to find an ideal piece of land that satisfies their specific purposes. Sometimes, if our team identifies a property with significant potential, we may take the first step and propose a commercial development. We engage the city, community members and builders to create a viable, long-term development that benefits everyone involved.

We think creatively and with the flexibility that enables us to approach commercial land development as a positive social process, not just a real estate transaction - one that helps build prosperity in the surrounding community for generations to come.


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