Residential Development

Creating Neighborhoods

We believe in creating more than nice houses. We create inviting neighborhoods that today’s families are looking for - neighborhoods where homes are harmoniously integrated into a plan that provides value and convenience without sacrificing natural beauty. We take great pride in designing communities that foster active, family-oriented lifestyles where people from diverse cross sections of life can live, play, go to school, worship and work.

Improving Cities

Building better neighborhoods is more than just an environmental imperative. We look ‘beyond the block’ to see the wider implications. As the population of our Minnesota cities evolves and changes, the neighborhood remains central to life for most people. A city still grows and thrives around time-honored settings such as the village square, the town library, the local church and Main Street. Health and safety, socialization and child raising, economics and education - these key aspects of life and society are best provided by effective, well functioning neighborhoods. Improving a neighborhood improves a city.

Attention to Detail

There is an integral relationship between the way a community is planned and its ability to meet the needs and priorities of its residents. We begin each project with an innovative vision, then, working closely with the city and local residents, we create a plan that aligns with the goals of the city and meets the requirements of all stakeholders. Considering all the details from storm water runoff to environmental impact to sightlines, we design with respect for the community. And we stay involved for the long haul - working with experienced, reputable local builders to ensure that new homes reflect the character and quality of the existing structures.

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