Land Acquisition

Would you like to sell your land?

At Lake West, we are driven by a philosophy that land should be put to its best use and we’re continually on the lookout for parcels of land that could serve people in fresh, new ways. We have a local perspective. We know the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area, and search for just the right geographic characteristics that answer the needs of the community.

Are you a landowner looking for a partner to help redevelop a piece of land in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area. Have you inherited property in Minneapolis or St. Paul that you don’t know what to do with? Would you like to sell your land to move, downsize or enjoy an active retirement in a warmer location?

We fulfill a market need by acquiring promising properties for small infill developments – there are no big box or tract homes in our portfolio. Read on to learn how we can help your land reach its highest potential.

Due Diligence

We believe in research. We dig deep in order to discover as much information as possible in order to make a sound judgment on a piece of land. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts includes builders, land developers, city code experts, engineers, surveyors and land planners.

When we are satisfied that a parcel of land is well suited for a specific project and will make a positive contribution to the community we move forward. If not, we'll pass.


Say it three times. The old saying about location is true. Our comprehensive location analysis will enable us to match the land to its best potential use. We acquire land that will be attractive to high-end developers with the means to transform it into a beautiful positive advantage for the community.

We get builders direct access to great properties, in great areas, with great potential. Our thinking is guided by a sense of responsibility and stewardship of the land. That doesn’t include large, sprawling suburban housing developments or big-box stores on the fringes of town. Our locations are thoughtfully chosen for their potential to provide high-quality urban infill in an area that will benefit from it.


We make it work for everyone involved. Besides location, we investigate every factor that influences marketability. Before we start working with a builder, we ensure that all necessary approvals are in place so that development can proceed efficiently.

Whether it’s creating new uses for non-productive property, or revitalizing underperforming property, the land acquisition experts at Lake West will help your property meet its highest potential.


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